A challenge in the digital era!

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VG-CLIL for Migrants project

All piloting activities in the five partner countries (Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) took place during the Covid-19 pandemic.For this reason, the courses/training activities, which were initially planned as face-to-face sessions, had to be transferred into online courses with distance learning.

This was a challenge for all participants, because not everybody had access to electronic device (computer or smartphone) and internet at home. Learners had to go through the units on their own, monitored and supported by the trainers from a distance.

Results of the piloting

The language courses were held with a total of 70 immigrants and 16 trainers/ teachers/ supporters. The teachers reported that the platform was easy to use for them and that the activities were suitable for the target group. Both the teachers and the students, who managed to use it, found the platform intuitive and easy to access and navigate. The materials have been considered useful and well‐structured and provided in most cases good opportunities for learning new contents.

Moreover, the use of different media (images, video and audio files) and the quiz‐based approach were noted as very helpful because a large quantity of text can be challenging for learners.

Ready to use the platform?

The VGCLIL for Migrants platform is now operational for free and for all potential users! Thanks to this platform, migrants in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom will be able to discover the culture and employment market of their host country while improving their language skills. The exercises are addressed to users with A1, A2 or B1 level of the CEFR. The main instructions are translated in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Russian and Turkish. The platform can be used autonomously or with the help of a tutor/trainer.

Click on the link and sign up for free to test the exercises on the topics of your choice. We need your opinion to improve this tool. Therefore, don’t forget to complete the short evaluation questionnaire before you leave the platform!