Employment and Skills

The most valuable asset in any business is its people and for most individuals a principal requirement for prosperity and wellbeing is employment.

Updating the skills of your workforce can have a huge impact on business performance; improving staff competence, increasing staff retention and adding to your organisations ability to adapt to change. It also sets you apart from your competitors.

At Apricot we understand labour market issues and are expert in sourcing and procuring services that assist employers to maintain a skilled workforce.

  • Impartial advice and guidance
  • Skills brokerage and procurement services
  • Work experience placements
  • Redundancy, redeployment and outplacement services

We have developed an innovative online 'Job Matching Tool' to assist employers and candidates alike. If you are an employer finding it difficult to fill your vacancies, or an individual looking for work, please contact Apricot. We are committed to meeting your needs and will deliver a high quality and timely response.

We are an Investor in People and a Matrix accredited provider of Information Advice and Guidance.


Find the right training for your organisation

For more information on how we can help your organisation achieve its full potential, please contact one of our independent advisers.