SECE project launched at our first Transnational Project Meeting

EU stars on background of blue-painted wooden boards

We have launched our new Erasmus+ project ‘Social Entrepreneurship for Community Empowerment: SECE’.

Undeterred by the current travel restrictions, instead of meeting in Loughborough, the 6 project partners met online for the project’s first Transnational Partnership Meeting on Monday 8 February.

The project seeks to enhance the employability of adults, and their position in the labour market, by developing their competencies and skills for social entrepreneurship. It will provide a learning model and high quality learning materials, including digital tools and game based learning, for use by adult educators working with aspiring or new social entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the success of their social enterprises.

The SECE project is co-ordinated by Apricot (UK), with partners from Turkey (Aydin Valiligi), Spain (FyG Consultores), Greece (AKETH-DCT), Lithuania (European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute) and Austria (Vienna Association of Education Volunteers).

Gallery of male and female project partners in Zoom meeting - with SECE logos