About Us

Established in 2002, Apricot was set up in response to the difficulty many companies experience in sourcing the training to meet their needs.

Apricot is a not-for-profit business operating across the EU. We provide a range of high quality services to employers, educators and trainers,  individuals and those seeking to improve the prospects of local economies and communities. We seek to make a difference through innovation in the design and delivery of employability, learning and development and outplacement services.

Founded on the principles of social enterprise, our purpose is to contribute to a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy by promoting and facilitating learning, training and development in and for the workplace. We will prioritise these social aims with passion, vision and drive and above the need to make profits.

Our Values

We are a social enterprise that believes that how we do things matters. Our values define us internally and externally. They guide our behaviour, provide a shared identity and represent a contract with each other and with our customers and clients.

We value:

  • A customer focus – providing services that exceed expectations
  • Strong customer relationships – building understanding and trust
  • Integrity, respect and professionalism
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • A team ethic - working together and supporting each other and our partners to achieve success
  • Innovation and enterprise
  • A working environment that is fun and challenging
  • Making a positive difference to people and businesses

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Apricot is committed to being a responsible company that cares for its stakeholders and supports the wider community. We continue to monitor, review and, wherever possible, become more socially responsible.

We believe that we can help to make a positive difference to those around us: our work colleagues, our community and the wider environment.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we strive to:

  • Make Apricot a positive and safe place to work
  • Ensure the services we deliver as a business are ethical and safe
  • Treat our clients in a respectful and professional manner
  • Use responsible suppliers who share our values of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Contribute to the community and charities appropriate to our values using the resources available to us
  • Conduct all business with forethought for the environment and do all we can to reduce our impact on it
  • Promote CSR to businesses and support them to engage with its practice