Tackling Online Disinformation: An Educational Approach

row of young people using mobile devices

Virtual Conference: Wednesday 2nd December 15.00 – 18.00 CET

Young adults today live in a globalised world where they are processing information from a wide variety of sources; where ‘Fake News’ is big news and where it’s difficult to tell what is real or deliberately made up to misinform!

‘Fake News’ affects all our lives – many people can’t tell what is real and what is not. It is becoming harder and harder for people to know the truth… this is a threat to democracy, our health and many other aspects of our lives…

Over the last two years the “No Alternative Facts” project set out to help young people to better understand the challenges posed by disinformation and ‘fake news’ by developing an innovative train-the-trainer format which aims at:

  • Providing educators and trainers with useful skills and action-oriented methods for developing young people’s ability to detect to disinformation and ‘fake news’ on the internet and in social media
  • Enhancing the media literacy and critical thinking skills, i.e. Critical Digital Literacy skills, of young adults, especially those with a low level of education and training.
    We thought you might be interested to hear about ways of helping young adults (and more mature ones!) to be able to spot, and tackle, ‘fake news’ and disinformation

Though the Conference we are offering:

  • Insights into the phenomenon of Fake News/Disinformation and how its created
  • Tips and tools for spotting and tackling disinformation
  • How to use Gamification and Quiz based learning to engage young adults in learning and to get the message across
  • Approaches and methods for developing Critical Digital Literacy skills to tackle it
  • Interactive workshops
  • An Expert Panel
  • Networking facilities

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