Successful training course in Portugal

People working together in training room

The SASSI-Working On project partners held a successful training event on Porto/Matosinhos.

The course offered a comprehensive overview of approaches, tools, and instruments that can be used in career review, management and guidance for older workers.

The following quotation summarises very nicely the general mood after the course:

Before joining the workshop in Matosinhos I knew why planning of career guidance and management should be age-sensitive, because I worked with a wide range of people, younger and older persons. I reflected on myself and was interested in the topic. Until then I was aware of age-sensitive strengths and threats. During the workshop we received detailed background information and learned how to work with specific methods and tools. I’m now looking forward to using this tools and to work with people, so that I can enhance my competence in the field of planning and preparing career guidance and career management support

Now all course participants will plan and implement a learning project to apply and transfer the SASSI-Working On approach and techniques in their work.

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